Dr Ben and Sonja Kleynhans

Dr. Ben and Sonja Kleynhans serve the Body of Christ as an apostolic eldership, which was internationally recognized in 2006.

 The TTN Household relate to them as their spiritual parents, understanding that God calls His Body of believers to obey spiritual parents in the Lord (Ephesians 6:1) and submit to those who look after one’s soul well being (Hebrews 13:17)

As a seasoned and accomplished itinerant ministers, Dr. Ben and Sonja have impacted countless lives of pastors and leaders over the last twenty five years. They are dedicated to establishing God’s Kingdom, building His temple and restoring the image of the Son.

They are happily married and have three children who all love and serve the Lord passionately


Pastor Logan and Yvonne Maistry

Pastor Logan and Yvonne Maistry serve as the Pastoral Caregivers in the TTN Household.

They carry a distint and genuinely warm-hearted grace and passion for God and His people.

Their commitment towards the restoration of the Image of God’s Son, is a mandate which constantly guides their focus and labour amongst the Lord’s flock.

As dedicated shepherds, they offer care and guidance to the Family and Small Group Leaders in the Household, and their

Pastor Charles and Elize van Onselen

Pastor Charles and Elize van Onselen, serve as supportive Pastors in the Household, with a focus on Training and Development, and related support to the Leadership team, and family.

This includes a strong focus on the TTN Apostolic Bible School, as part of their passion for the Building of God’s Temple.

Jannie and Tania Viljoen

Jannie and Tania Viljoen oversee the TTN Youth and Young Adult groups and play a vital role in the activation and mobilisation of the Households’ young at heart.

As bridge builders between communities and various Households of Faith, they also bring great value to the 42nd Generation as part of the Church in the City’s ministries

Family Leaders

A pivotal component of the TTN Household’s leadership is our Family Leaders team, who – in conjunction with spiritual parents and pastors – look after the day to day nurturing of the sons in the house. The TTN Families gather frequently at various times during the month throughout Pretoria.

For more information about a gathering in your area, please email office@touchthenations.net.